Oblivion Heart, CHICness and Street Outdoors present Amelie Lens & Farrago

  • Date: Saturday, 16 March 2019
  • Time: 23:00
  • Place: Principal Club Theater
  • City: Thessaloniki

Saturday 16 March 2019

Amelie Lens in Thessaloniki

Principal Club Theater, Fix Complex

CHICness, Oblivion Heart and Street Outdoors, collaborate and present the top Techno party of the year. Belgian superstar Amelie Lens returns to Thessaloniki and Principal Club Theater on Saturday, March 16th. Belgian DJ and producer Farrago will be joining her on stage and our own Street Outdoors Soundsystem, Designer, Chris Løw & Cøllar, will complete the line up.

Presale tickets:

- ZERO GRAVITY (Τσιμισκή 115, Ναυαρίνου)
- Σαββίκος (Πλατεία Αριστοτέλους)
- BaristART (Αριστοτέλους 21-23)
- BaristART (Ανδρέα Παπανδρέου 60, Νεάπολη)
- Plaisir Cafe - Patisserie Panorama (Κομνηνών 14, Πανόραμα)
- Plaisir Τριανδριας (Αγίου Δημητρίου 161, Τριανδρία)
- Manoir (Κατούνη 31)
- Tsarouhas Coiffure (Κομνηνών 43, Καλαμαριά)
- 99 Problems Tattoo & Piercing (Ανατολικής Θράκης 1, Τούμπα)
- Seven Spots (Πανελλαδικά)
- WIND (Πανελλαδικά)

Οnline στο:https://goo.gl/Kx2cuy

First release: 18€ (SOLD OUT)
Second release: 22€
Third release: 25€

VIP / BACKSTAGE: 35€ (Limited / Contact us)
? +30 694 650 4933 / +30 694 734 9864

Line up

Amelie Lens
One would be hard pressed to find another artist whose meteoric rise parallels that of Belgium’s most exciting new export, Amelie Lens. She has, in a little more than a year, soared from relative anonymity to one of todays most in-demand DJ/Producers the world over.

Lens’ rise to the top may seem to have happened in the blink of an eye, but her work ethic, composure at the controls, crowd engagement and an incredible prowess in the studio have proven to be the perfect ingredients for her swift ascent to the apex of her trade. With her debut release on Italian imprint Lyase gaining a massive amount of attention,

Amelie seized the moment and quickly delivered her first release on Pan-Pot’s highly lauded label Second State and followed shortly after with a stellar EP on one of the undergrounds most championed outfits ARTS. At the same time her releases started to flow consistently on high level labels, Amelie started her own event EXHALE at Labyrinth Club where she invites todays hottest acts as well as her “All Night Long” sets which prove she embodies an equal mastery to that of her peers with years more experience.

With these critical foundations laid, it was no time before she began headlining the industries most acclaimed events. From Awakenings and Circo Loco to today’s best clubs like DC-10 Lens commands an intense touring schedule trotting to all corners of the globe on a weekly basis. As if it wasn’t apparent after all this, Amelie is just getting going and there seems to be no decrease in her pursuit of world wide dance floor domination.


Farrago surfaces as a new name on the Belgian techno scene albeit with a familiar face. In 2013 Sam Deliaert formerly known as Talbot Wood was picked up by compatriots Jorn and Tom - from Other Heights and Curle Recordings respectively - under who's flag he played multiple showcases and live shows across Europe throughout '13 & '14.

The name change is motivated by the meaning of the word itself. Farrago, literally 'a perplexing mixture', is the alignment and legacy of his earlier work merged with new ideas and recent development.
Arpeggiated melodies reverberating endlessly to the point where they are deemed tangible driven by the resonating sound of a classic 4/4 kickdrum. It's the perfect marriage between body and soul.

For now, preparing a live performance built around the Octatrack - the beating heart of the setup - is his main priority. Meanwhile though, some of the more captivating patterns and synthesis from his other Elektron unit, the Analog Four, have already found their way through a recording device. This preceded a connection with ARTS, a young but already quite established Berlin based techno label, home to the likes of Dax J, Keith Carnal, Inigo Kennedy, Shlømo and il capitano: Emmanuel.